The Genre Project is a research endeavor from the University of North Carolina Writing Program. Our goal is to study the genres students read and write across the disciplines, both at UNC and beyond. This project is funded by a Research Initiative Grant from the Conference on College Composition and Communication.

The first phase of the project involves determining what genres are most commonly taught in undergraduate science, social science, and humanities classes. Results will be posted here as they are generated.

Later phases will extend this research to include interviews with instructors from across the campus to determine what features they value in student writing, and outreach efforts to help instructors design more effective assignments. Ultimately, we hope these findings can improve first year writing instruction at UNC and around the country.

Primary Investigators:

Emi Bunner, Department of English and Comparative Literature: bunner@email.unc.edu

Jane Danielewicz, Department of English and Comparative Literature: janedan@email.unc.edu

Jordynn Jack, Department of English and Comparative Literature: jjack@email.unc.edu (e-mail) @jordynnjack (Twitter)

Katie Rose Guest Pryal, School of Law: pryal@unc.edu  @krgpryal (Twitter)

Research Assistants: 

Alex Funt

Jordan Schroeder